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Gratitude changes everything. Live Grateful.

Life is great, but it isn’t always easy. At times, things can challenge us in ways we never dreamed of. We can begin to feel like nothing will ever go right and struggle to past our problems. And when we focus on that negativity in the world, it slowly becomes all we see. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of just making it through the day, or complaining about life. And we want to change that.

The eleven52 community believes in the infectious power of gratitude and shares one simple unifying life mission: Live a life of gratitude.

The reality is everyone has problems and is going through something. As we focus on the positive things in life and what we have, instead of what’s missing, life begins to change in a very positive way. We start to the world in a different light. We begin to appreciate the most important things in life with deeper passion and grace. Living a lifestyle of gratitude can help us overcome challenges, move forward in pursuit of a greater purpose, and enjoy the gift of life—every day. Connect with us for your daily Encouraging Quotes.