How to Encourage a Friend Having a Hard Time This Holiday

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Holidays are full of celebration, but for many people, this time of year just shines a spotlight on the struggle they are facing. We all know someone going through a hard time—the challenge is to become a person that doesn’t shy away from our friends when they are hurting.

Think about the hardest times you’ve faced. Some of the most difficult challenges to go through are the ones when we feel all alone. On the flip of that, when we have support from family and friends who love us, challenging times can almost make us feel stronger.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that our friends and family who may be struggling with something feel supported.

Maybe they aren’t all that obvious about struggle, but you know they have recently faced a difficult time. Always err on the side of connecting rather than assuming someone else has reached out.

Whether there was a death in the family, divorce, job loss, relationship struggles, depression or other mental illness, the holidays tend to bring out the emotional turmoil these struggles can cause—even if they happened earlier in the year or years ago.

So what can we do when we see someone we know facing a hard time?

The good news is that you don’t have to have the perfect thing to say or do. Just being there is the most important thing. Here are a few ideas to help as you find ways to encourage a friend facing a hard time this holiday.

Binge on a series or movie — This activity sends many positive messages to you friend or family member. When you sit and watch your favorite movies, you are taking time to bond and make new memories. You’re showing them that they are not alone, and you’re keeping their mind off of what they may be ruminating about. Bring a few things to snack on, pints of ice cream, and your favorite drinks and you’ve created a positive connection with a friend who needs you most.

Bring dinner — If someone is dealing with a lot of issues during the holidays, they may simply not have the time to make a meal for their family. There is a reason why meals are usually associated with comforting memories—food and company are comforting! Don’t just drop the meal off and run; stay awhile and share a meal together to show you really care about them during this tough time.

Send a message — One of the simplest things we can do for each other during the holidays—especially for someone going through a hard time—is to keep in touch with notes, emails, and even a text or two. Your message doesn’t have to be long to make an impact. You’ll bring a smile to your friend’s face by the simple thought you took to create a message.

At eleven52, we believe in the power of encouragement to break through the silence and connect to those in need.

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