Encouraging Quotes at 11:52

The eleven52 message is a tool for connecting people and adding mindfulness to your personal journey.

Every day, at 11:52am, we send out a little thought prompt. Use it as you will.

Each quote we share is an invitation to take a step back. We encourage you to pause what you’re doing and reflect—however that looks for you. Some days the daily quote will come at you like a total “ah-ha” moment. Muse on it! Other times, you may not fully connect with the words. That’s okay too. You can still engage with eleven52 in plenty of other ways. Use the opportunity to be grateful, make a change, give yourself that uplifting pep talk, or reach out to a friend, co-worker, or total stranger.

Some use their moment to send a nice text message or email. Call up someone you love, or a person you’d like to know better. Share kindness or forgiveness. You can give thanks or give hope. Just use your words with grace, and be genuine. Connect with us to receive Encouraging Quotes today.

All of our eleven52 moments add up. As we reflect, engage, and grow together, we’re making the world a better place.